Puertas de Castilla Centre

Centro Puertas de Castilla2Puertas de Castilla is a center focused mainly on culture, art and innovation initiated in May 2003, whose model of cultural project is especially centered on cultural manifestations that are non-conventional, contemporary and outside of the commercial circuit. This cultural center supports the latest trends – both social and urban –, the fusion of disciplines and new artistic languages, as well as other current, necessary aspects of culture and thought in our society.

By means of their different projects, such as the Audio Library of Experimental Music and Sound Art (SONM), the International Film Festival (IBAFF), Urban environment sphere, MIAS – Latina, World Dance Alliance Europe…, Puertas de Castilla motivates four mains axis of action: training, creation, production and diffusion, conforming a framework for action with which they expect, not only supporting the artists, but also to direct their creations towards the final recipient of cultural policies, i.e. to direct them clearly to the citizen.

In general, its program focuses on reaffirming the decentralized and decentralizing tendency of the new artistic and cultural events, establishing a cooperation program among cultural associations, artists and international institutions that are regulated by the same parameter: local thinking and global acting.