Puertas de Castilla Centre has a space dedicated to expositive projects based on the latest trends – both social and urban –, the fusion of disciplines and new artistic languages, as well as other necessary aspects of culture and thought in our society. In this way, the center keeps its compromise with those non-conventional artistic products, which are outside of the commercial circuit and they cannot be applied in other cultural spaces.

All these projects will include the participation of renowned professionals who, form complementary disciplines, will bring the public closer to an integrative, coherent and faithful vision of each one of the disciplines it embodies. Apart from owning the traditional role of being an educational area, the showroom has recently gained another role within mediation, leisure, culture and the latest trends.

In Puertas de Castilla, all spaces are suitable for the diffusion of art and culture: the cafeteria, the lobby and even the elevator; auditions, projections, installations and exhibitions occupy these transit points.


Puertas de Castilla’s showroom is configured as an alternative space that guarantees diversity in terms of cultural offer, influencing on the strengthening of the city’s cultural diversity (Murcia – Spain.) During 2016, it will be focused on projects that have and stand up for concrete aesthetic discourses to promote social and cultural debate.

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April / June 2016


February / March 2016

Cuba. Some place over time. Carlos Ortuño’s exhibition

December 2015 / January 2016

XXII Contest for Young Production CreaMurcia

November 2015

Ebola beyond Ebola. Alfons Rodríguez’s exhibition

November 2015

The Dark Side of the Heart. Antonio Aragón’s exhibition

November 2015
A Walk with the Classics. Vicente Esteban’s exhibition

April / October 2015
when i’m good i’m very good but when i’m bad i’m better. Lucille Calmel’s installation

January / March 2015
LE LOUVRE. A painter’s gaze. Rafael Fuster’s exhibition

January / February 2015
Voicemail. Matteo Marangoni’s sound installation

January / February 2015
Bosch & Simons’ musical machines

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Emphoka Exhibition: “Urban glimpses (Robados urbanos)”

From January 30 to March 20, 2015

IMG_0516Puertas de Castilla Centre welcomes in its lobby the second exhibition of the International Collective Emphoka.
“Urban Glimpses (Robados Urbanos)” is the title of a showing that takes on the street photography,, a variety that gains more and more followers among professionals and amateur photographers.

“Urban Glimpses (Robados Urbanos)” reflects the similarities and differences of the coexistence, of the common life of different people and nations. Similarities and differences that make us unique as individuals and similar as people.

The showing presents ninety snapshots where human and urban landscape are intertwined in order to offer a different perspective from the everyday, where the author’s view and the “precise moment” transcend the image itself to provoke an emotion.

Emphoka Project was born with the intention of continuing. This showing will be followed by others with a thematic content: Portrait (18 May), Landscape (22 September) etc… The design of photographic projects around a more specific theme will also be promoted among the photographers of the platform.

The International Collective Emphoka is a non-profit project, oriented to the promotion of amateur photographers. Nowadays, it is made up of almost 1,000 photographers from 74 different countries.

Captura de pantalla 2015-01-30 a las 15.20.51 Captura de pantalla 2015-01-29 a las 10.34.59 Captura de pantalla 2015-01-30 a las 10.05.36 Captura de pantalla 2015-01-30 a las 9.59.25

Captura de pantalla 2015-01-29 a las 10.15.14



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foto atmosferasSurrounding sounds that generate intimate environments which, accompanied by a number of visual pieces, provide us with audiovisual platforms of introspection and/or escape.

Passages along with ethereal and distorted sounds, effects of reverberation, sound saturations; of sweet and fragile voices that come out of dense sound atmospheres, voices that take the role of the narrator of the story, or the role of an instrument, a slow whisper, a weak scream. All of them accompanied by the suggestive power of caleidoscopic images, sinuous and dynamic, at times contained in space and time.

A journey short in time (and perhaps towards nowhere) hand in hand with the work of nine visual artists together with five musical groups, whose work made them being classified as bands of shoegazing, post-rock, experimental rock, dream pop, ambient, minimalism…

We run away from “labels”, from the classifying categories of the work of a band or artist, and we focus on the emotional power of their work; on the capacity of generating environments of a certain sound density and visual texture able to produce a sedating or even hypnotizing effect when listened to or visualized.

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“The art of sound should not be limited to a simple attempted reproduction… We should increase and improve the sound field. It is necessary for our need of sensitivity. The greatest composers always evolve towards the most complex dissonances. From the “pure” sound they achieve almost the noise. Let’s replace the limited variation of timbres of the orchestra instruments with the unlimited noise timbres, obtained through special mechanisms…In the future,  we will be able to distinguish ten or twenty thousands of different noises. We should not simply imitate these noises, but combine them; they will be our artistic imagination.”Luigi Russolo.

The emergence of the different avant-garde movements that appeared at the beginning of the XX century gave way to a new generation of musicians and inventors, not always academic, that rebelled against the worship of the classic past and fought against the indifference of the great audience.

The installation Pioneros en Música Experimental (Pioneers in Experimental Music) is made of sound works created by: Luigi Ruissolo, Pierre Schaeffer, Pierre Henry, Iannis Xenakis, Eliane Radigue, John Cage, Glen Branca, Ramón Barce, Llorenç Barber and Eduardo Polonio. This area is part of the series. Esto no es música para ascensores (This is not music for elevators), sound micro-installation created for Puertas de Castilla’s elevator to bring the sound art and the experimental music closer to all audiences.

This series of sound installations want to spread sound pieces that are completely different from what we know as “music for elevators” or “muzak” compositions, originally used in skyscrapers’ elevators to calm the occupants while ascending and descending. Our wish is quite the opposite, we want to incite visitants and make them think that their journey was worth it.

This is not music for elevators is organized by the sound archive of Experimental Music and Sound Art [SOMN] of Puertas de Castilla Centre, dependent on the Department of Employment, Tourism and Culture Councillorship of Murcia.

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Del 13 de enero al 12 de febrero de 2016
Exhibition: “The reserve of the great white shark”